Mita Mehta Stock Training - Mita Mehta


Mita Mehta is a certified market analyst and a holder of highly coveted degree of Chartered Market Technician awarded by Market Technician Association (MTA) in the United States.

She holds the place among top 3000 Technical analysts world wide

Mita Mehta is a Senior Technical Analyst at CrispIdea providing technical coverage across sectors for the US market. She brings in decade long experience in the capital market. She covers high growth and high momentum sectors such as Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, High Tech and Financial Services

Mita Mehta analyzes securities leveraging multiple technical perspectives. She looks at price momentum; applies Elliot wave principles; analyzes price trend, strength, volatility and identifies correct direction of the trend. She advises clients leveraging these methods supported with rigorous risk management methods. While being acutely aware of the fundamentals holding sway over the long term, she does not use fundamental data to arrive at her projections. She believes that the technical outputs provide leading indicator and anticipates major fundamentals that are known at a later stage.

She also leads firm’s global financial education service line mentoring students in the field of Technical analysis, Fundamental Analysis and Option strategies and has a track record of enabling professionals become successful traders and investors in the global market. She has specialization in Intraday Derivative Trading