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Problems Of Luck

Generally all the fresh as well as professional traders face following difficulty while trading in stock or commodity market

  • Stock which I buy is trapped in a range
  • Stock which I do not buy is rising sharply
  • When I buy the stock it falls and the stock which I short sell rises
  • When I book the profit the stock rises to such a level that I regret
  • Stock in which I am waiting patiently for a move takes the test of my patience
  • It is a common saying that Buy low and sell high. But when I buy it still falls and when I sell at high it still rises
  • When we realize that now we should buy stock starts dropping and vice versa
  • Looking at indicators if we sell sometimes it rises sharply and sometimes it really falls drastically
  • Certain stocks of one sector is at 52 week high and other stock trapped in a range
  • Certain stocks are in a range and certain stocks are rising while few falls
  • Certain stocks are squeezed in a range and other are showing very good trend
  • After a very good news or result stock falls and bad news it rises and again same thing don't happen every time
  • Fundamental has not shown any change but market is rising.
  • Back testing always works but whenever we trade it does not work

Each problem mentioned above is happening because you are not aware of technical reasons behind that.We have answer to every problem because nothing happens on the chart without any technical reason. Once these reasons are understood you can easily supercede all the problems and trade flawlesslY.

How You Can Get Success

All of you are in search of Holy grail system in the market.You want ultimate success when you are trading or investing in market.

But when you can get this success?

You can get success when you have

  • A system which allow you to follow the market without greed and fear in any phase of the market
  • Predict the future well in advance
  • Provides screening within a moment
  • Effortless work

Only Elliot wave theory integerated Mechanical trading with indicators according to the phase of market can fulfill above requirement

Elliot Wave Theory

  • Tool with high probability of success
  • Investment tool of knowledge revolution
  • Only tool capable to cope with change that lie ahead in the market
  • It gives the investor the ability to project movement forwarded in time within precise parameters of profitability
  • It is ahead of all technical approach due to its consistency of the form

Perfect Trading System

A methodological approach of taking and closing a position in the market.

This system will have specific risk profile, trade criteria, exit criteria and requires specific market conditions

System will produce a set of trading results within a specific scope as well, including trading frequency, Reward: Risk

Ratio, Expectancy, expected drawdown and so on.

Our system with unlimited training in live market will help you to become successful trader where

  • You feel no pressure to do anything
  • You have no feeling of fear
  • You feel no sense of rejection
  • There is no right or wrong
  • You recognize that this is what the market is telling me, this is what I do
  • You can observe the market from the perspective as if you were not in a position , even when you are
  • You are not focused on money but on the structure of the market

Important Step Of Trading

  • Check the trend (Monthly, Daily Weekly,Hourly)
  • Check the trend reversal on shorter time frame if there is any resistance on larger time frame
  • Find out supports and resistance for the stock
  • All supports are important when trend is positive and all resistance are important when trend is negative
  • Entry point is most important factor
  • Try to enter in the 3rd wave where is no immediate resistance and targets are achieved very fast
  • Confirm the entry with Open Interest figures in future as well as options(Only for short term trading)
  • Screen such stocks with good software
  • Trade and follow the trend
  • Identify the trend reversal and square off or trail your stoploss

Important Basics Of The Market

  • Always check the wave of your time frame before entry and then decide
  • Always in every time frame Buy near low and short sell near high
  • Market gives respect to every support when trend is positive and every resistance when trend is negative
  • Always Buy near some supports (Moving Average, previous Peak & Trough) ans sell near resistance
  • If there are no supports or resistance then wait for indicators to indicate that trend is finished
  • Put a valid stoploss which if triggered it should help you make reverse position
  • Strictly follow the trend
  • Don't mix your time frames
  • Remain dynamic with market
  • Take entry according to 1 min chart but decide the trend on larger time frame
  • Check reversals always on smaller time frame
  • Make a complete trading plan before entry and stick to that
  • Combine data of open interest as well as volume with the charts
  • Risk management
  • Trade with positivity in mind
  • Back test the learning and then apply
  • Differentiate between retracement and trend

Few Facts Of The Market

  • Absolute never exist in market but future trend is given by possibility and probability That is why technical analysis is an art rather than a science
  • Market is technically strong when it makes new low and then rise
  • Market is technically weak when it makes new high and the falls
  • Risk increase as price increase
  • Risk from promoter operator and FII also increase when price rise too much
  • Accumulation always happens in fear and distribution always happens in greed
  • It does not happen within a single day
  • Only wave theory can explain whether there is a base or top in a place
  • Identify perfect indicator for distribution and accumulation
  • Major problems with stop loss is that people feel frustrated when it is triggered
  • It is the major part of risk management system
  • Selection of stoploss is always technically placed which is when triggered offers reverse position

Demand Of Market From Traders

  • Never Give up
  • Commitment
  • Belief(Bigger the belief bigger the action )
  • Self-discipline,
  • Emotional control(Fear Greed and even recklessness)
  • Ability to change their minds to flow with the markets