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Modified Technical Analysis- A ladder to huge profit


Technical Analysis by definition is the study of price. But how many technical traders study the price? Generally all the technical traders have learnt to study the indicators derived from price. This indicators are lagging indicators and we are always trading following the indicators. But this style of trading always keeps us baffling as we don’t identify the exact trend reversal and are left hanging on the top or bottom with trades in our hand with huge losses.

We require such trading system where our entry is on the beginning of trend with very small stop loss and can ride the full trend without any panic and where our exit is also timely on the basis of indication of trend reversal. We need that ideal intraday trade where we get success on 90% trade with good amount of profit and where our stock rises or falls continuously with good momentum.

Modified technical analysis is this type of system where there is perfect integration of indicators on the basis of underlying Elliot wave. We identify the wave on anytime frame, select 3rd wave and “C” wave to trade where stock has signaled beginning of trend. It has clear direction, good momentum and good strength. This system is the result of our 12 years of experience and it’s the most innovative system where there is huge return with minimum risk.

You can check such trade by sitting with us in market hours or by following free calls section of our website. If you are serious about such earning or want to recover your previous loss then it is most important for you to contact us.You can take such training, trade at our trading desk or take our advisory.

Mita Mehta,CMT