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  • Training for Technical Analysis (Equity, Derivative, Commodity), Fundamental Analysis, Futures & Options Strategies in the live market.

  • Training for Chartered Market Technician Exam by MTA (USA)

  • Specialization for sure Intraday trading which helps to earn minimum 3000 to 4000 per day per trade. We provide unlimited training in live market

  • Research House to analyze Indian stock, Indices as well as International stock

  • Our Research reports are uploaded on Thomson and Reuters website regularly which accessed by Institutional Investors

  • Training is provided by CHARTERED MARKET TECHNICIAN (USA) and a SEBI registered Research Analyst – Mrs. Mita Mehta

  • Our target clients are Professionals, MBA students, Chartered accountants, Jewelers and all those who are career aspirants in stock and commodity market

  • Advisory services for Intraday and positional calls in Cash Futures as well as Options

Our Performance

Time Amount Profilt/Loss
Daily 44050 profit
Weekly 69834 profit
Monthly 171596 profit
Yearly 171596 profit

Build Career in Stock Market and reap huge profit with us.

Mita Mehta leads the industry in wealth management. Our independent RIA and broker services have over 12 years of industry experience. Read More

Why Should You Join Us?

Unlimited training in live market by Chartered Market Technician

Make huge profit on the way from training to trading and one stop solution for investment, where you get full value for your money.

Join only after watching our calls by sitting with us or check our track record on website.
We have a trading desk where you can directly start trading under our mentorship

Modified Technical Analysis – Dream Trade

    • It is an analysis of any asset class based on blending of Elliot wave and Mechanical trading.
    • This analysis works on 3rd wave on anytime frame as this wave is very strong, dynamic and targets are achieved quickly.
    • This analysis has clear well defined small stoploss, trend following till the end of 3rd wave and exit on proper reversal signals.
    • Such trades have clear direction, clear strength, very good momentum and good volatility.
    • This makes the trade a dream trade where we get targets 90% of time with speed and favourable risk reward ratio.


Testimonials from customers who are satisfied with services that have been effectively
used in marketing for as long as marketing exists.

"Your Knowledge is hard earned Sir, but I think that art of explaining it in such easy way is even more valuable. Let's be candid here, every single piece of information or knowledge you share is already available online. In hundreds of websit

Amitbhai UAE

Please stop following Tips, that is pure Gambling. Learn Technical Analysis, it costs much less then the Losses you otherwise make in the markets. Technical Analysis is like driving a car, its difficult at start but that's the best tool you can giv

Birju Acharya Stockbroker Patan

Teaching & explanation was very good. I have gained knowledge which I could have never gained by self learning. Of course mistakes in past have given me knowledge and understanding of how market works, but price is higher than to learn from an expert . So thank you Mita Mam to have you as Guru in learning Technical Analys

Monil Gangdev

It’s more than a Technical Analysis course where you learn the use of not just the various candlestick patterns and technical indicators, but it is a relationship of a lifetime where Mam would hold your hand to walk you through this journey of be

Chirag Rajdev Derivative Trader

You learn something unique, something useful, something which is not just a Theory. By really an expert and experienced person. Ever-ready to support, always equally interested even in your smallest doubt. Its not just a course, its more like a training and nothing can feel better than having a interesting and a worthy Sunday.

Jay Ashwani CA

One of my teachers used to say "Simplicity comes out of complexity". Ms Mita Mehta has been an ardent technical analyst for the past 12 years. Out of her experience, she has simplified the concept of technical analysis. Over the years she has found out what works best and what works not. These principles, she shares with us willingly in the course. Very few share their experience and knowledge. Ms Mita Mehta happens to be one. All the best for her future endeavors

Yagnik Khunt

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